Wagner Tuning Turbo Inlet for Toyota Yaris GR



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Toyota GR Yaris 1.6-L Turbo 192kW / 261PS (09/2020+)

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Wagner Tuning Turbo Inlet for Toyota Yaris GR


This is a plug and play replacement of the standard part. The original Turbo Inlet (intake manifold) severely restricts the fresh air supplied to the turbocharger. The design of the WagnerTuning Turbo Inlet was designed with the help of CFD flow simulations for the best possible air mass throughput. The inner diameter has been increased from Ø48.5mm to Ø51mm. This corresponds to a cross-sectional enlargement of almost 10%. This results in a higher maximum power and improved response. This component is best suited for hybrid turbochargers.

Production: CNC-manufactured (Made in Germany)
Material: high-strength aluminum alloy
Color: silver anodized Scope

of delivery:
1 x turbo inlet (intake connection)
1 x silicone hose (reinforced version)
1 x assembly material

Toyota Yaris GA-B GR