Wagner Tuning Intercooler Kit BMW G80/81 M3 G82 M4



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BMW G80/81 M3 (Competition) 353-375KW/480-510PS from 2021+
BMW G82 M4 (Competition/CSL) 353-405KW/480-550PS from 2021+

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Wagner Tuning Intercooler Kit BMW G80/81 M3 G82 M4


The 3.0L R6 biturbo engine of BMW M3/M4 models is equipped with an indirect charge-air cooling circuit. So the cooling of the charged air is not realized by the ambient air as cooling medium (as usual), but made with its own cooling water circuit. A reduction of the temperature of the cooling water is directly equated with an improved cooling performance of the charged air. This is exactly where the advantages of the WAGNERTUNING upgrade water cooler comes into play.

The new developed competition racing core of the WAGNERTUNING high performance water coolers increase the radiator volume of the OEM water coolers by a total of 60 %. The calculated ratio between the inner and outer cooling surface generates a maximum heat transfer and allows at the same time enough air flow for the surrounding components (for example the engine water cooler) for its own heat exchange. The water coolers are equipped with a heat-conductive anti corrosion coating to ensure a lasting cooling effect. The plug & play installation of the system is simple and easy to perform (an installation instruction is included as well).


Dimensions OEM radiator:
505 mm x 605 mm x 30 mm
V = 9,16 Liter
A = 3055 cm²


Dimensions WT radiator:
505 mm x 605 mm x 48 mm
V = 14,67 Liter
A = 3055 cm²

BMW M3 G80/G82 3.0T
BMW M4 G82/G83 3.0 BITURBO

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