Turbo inlet for Audi RS3 8V/8Y and TTRS 8S 400hp



Audi RS3 8V OPF 2480cm³ DNWA 294kW / 400PS
Audi RS3 8Y OPF 2480cm³ DNWC 294kW / 400PS
 TTRS 8S OPF 2480cm³ DNWA 294kW / 400PS

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Turbo inlet for Audi RS3 8V/8Y and TTRS 8S 400hp


This new development from the HF- Series is compatible with the standard intake systems.

It represents a very important component between the turbocharger and the intake system, because the full potential of the turbocharger and engine can only be made available if the entire path to the turbocharger is optimized.


The new intake manifold was developed to enable maximum throughput and optimal flow.

Since the original component is restrictive and also has edges that are unfavorable to flow, this is not designed for performance, but even generates turbulence and dynamic pressure.

This is the only way the air can reach the turbocharger in an optimal and even flow pattern.

The results are higher maximum power and improved response.


The facts of our upgrade intake manifold at a glance:
– Flow -optimized
– Consisting of a flange and a hose
– Connection diameter: 89mm
– Enables a higher-end performance and improved response
– Plug&Play assembly (approx. 10min)
– Without expert opinion

AUDI RS3 8V / 8.5V 2.5 TFSI

Audi RS3 8Y 2.5 TFSI

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