Racingline Sport Lowering Springs VW ID.3



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Racingline Sport Lowering Springs VW ID.3


Lower your ID.3 or Cupra Born with our carefully developed Sport Springs. 

Improve looks, subtly tighten dynamics and even enhance aerodynamics with our 30mm lower spring set.

Yet crucially, maintain that comfortable MEB ride quality that we all love so much.


Your ID.3 or Cupra Born will be transformed with our carefully developed RacingLine Sport Springs. 

They replace the car’s four standard springs with re-engineered, progressive Sport Springs, bringing tighter dynamics yet retaining all of the factory car’s comfort.

Meanwhile, the car’s appearance is transformed. By getting rid of those nasty wheelarch gaps, it’ll look like it always should’ve from the factory.


Our springs lower the ID3 / Born by around 30mm, a reduction carefully determined in order to preserve the wheel travel needed to keep the perfect ride & handling.

Go lower or stiffer than our springs and your car will bounce and crash along the road as the dampers are mismatched to spring-rate.

This perfectly judged drop gives the car a stance that looks just perfect – in fact, just like it always should have looked from the factory.


With the car sitting lower, there’s less air going underneath.  It’s well documented that underbody drag is one of the biggest factors making up the car’s total aero drag, even with the relatively smooth underside that the MEB-platform uses.


Therefore anything that can reduce the amount of air travelling under the car has a direct effect on drag imposed on the vehicle, creating a better outcome for efficiency and range.