MST Performance Volvo S60/V60 Cold Air Intake MST-VOL-6005



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Intended Volvo vehicles:

2018-2020 VOLVO S60 / V60 / XC60 / S90 / XC90 / V90

Intended engine:

T4 / T5 / T6 / T8

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MST Performance Volvo S60/V60 Cold Air Intake



*Maximum power/torque increase of 12hp/12nm@(VOLVO S90 T5)

*Improved throttle response

*Improved airflow volume overstock 

*Enlarged air box volume

*Enlarged alloy intake piping

*4 inch Hi-flow Performance Air Filter

*Performance air filter that passed ISO 5011 tests with an awesome 99% air filtration capability

*Air filter that can be washed/maintained/reuse up to the life span of approximately 60000km of driving (dependent upon driving environment )

*Easy to carry out installations that are almost plugged and play to the factory connections with no further modifications needed

*The ECU need not be remapped, our intake systems work beautifully even with stage 1-2 tune


This is a direct replacement for the standard turbo inlet elbow, however, due to it’s larger diameter it must be used in conjunction with the supplied MST performance silicone hose.


This part allows for increased potential airflow and slightly increased induction sound.


The inlet elbow is made from a lightweight aluminum tube with CNC machined connections and a laser-cut bracket is fully TIG welded and powder-coated in a mottled black finish for an OEM look.

Volvo S60 2018-2020 T4 / T5 / T6 / T8
Volvo V60 2018-2020 T4 / T5 / T6 / T8
Volvo XC60 2018-2020 T4 / T5 / T6 / T8
Volvo V90 2018-2020 T4 / T5 / T6 / T8
Volvo XC90 2018-2020 T4 / T5 / T6 / T8
Volvo S90 2018-2020 T4 / T5 / T6 / T8

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