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Motiv Re|Flex+


The MOTIV Re|Flex is an Advanced I/O Integration module allowing a level of precise control of auxiliary components. In addition, the Re|Flex can incorporate external data into the factory DME/ECU in parallel through optional CANbus integration. Utilizing the CANbus option, multiple digital and analog signals can be used by the DME/ECU for safety, data logging, or adaptive tuning features. It is unique in its ability to function as a separate standalone, as well as a parallel module in conjunction with the DME/ECU.


The Re|Flex provides the most accurate and precise supplementary sequential fuel injection with the ability to control other advanced features all in one place. It brings a new level of control, function, and versatility to tuning any modern day vehicle.


  • Preset crank and cam triggers for most modern-day BMW engines, as well as fully configurable triggers to be synched on any vehicle application. Configurable to operate on 4, 5, 6, and 8-cylinder engines.
  • 3 Point MAP sensor calibration table makes it configurable for almost any MAP or TMAP sensor.
  • Sequential Port Injection with the ability to sense individual injector failures on 4 to 8-cylinder engines.
  • Built in Ethanol Content Analyzer. The Re|Flex firmware and XDF’s include ethanol compensation tables to scale properly for varying ethanol % based on real time input from the sensor.
  • 2x Additional Outputs. These outputs have 12×12 resolution tables for control in TunerPro R/T. These can be configured to run as on/off, digital, frequency (25hz), or PID.
    • Boost Control WGDC
    • Methanol Solenoid Control PWM (for use with valves such as the Aquamist FAV and the ProMeth Pulse Valve)
    • Nitrous Solenoid Control PWM
    • Auxiliary fuel pump relay trigger
  • 2x Inputs
    • Ethanol Content Sensor
    • Fuel Pressure Sensor (0-10bar)
    • Oil Pressure (0-10bar)
    • Coolant Pressure (0-10bar)
    • EGBP/EMAP (0-10bar)
  • CANbus (not required) enabled communication for the transmission and receiving of digital signals for fully DME/ECU integrated control of external modifications. The CANbus communications also allow for data and errors to be transmitted to and from the vehicles engine control computer in order to add safeguards and implement engine trips and fail safes. Logging via OBDII is still fully functional and is not affected at all by the communication with the Re|Flex. Some of the developments underway include:
    • Error reporting to and from factory ECU for unparalleled safety
    • Output WGDC by converting a EWG signal to a more conventional DC output for controlling standard 3port and 4port boost solenoids for use with external WG’s
    • The ability to datalog non factory parameters such as ethanol content, additional pressure sensor, PI IDC, and more!


These features make the Re|Flex the most powerful and safest supplementary and auxiliary controller on the market. However, this is only the beginning. As flash platforms find the need for more accessories to control, the Re|Flex was designed to be updated easily by the end user in order to add functionality as it is developed.


In order to accommodate existing modifications we created a breakout harness to allow people who are already running bluetooth ethanol content analyzers to continue doing so in parallel. The Re|Flex Plug-n-Play Ethanol Sensor Breakout Harness is required to do so. The following diagram shows how it is installed so that the Re|Flex AND a bluetooth analyzer can be used simultaneously.


BMW M2 F87 3.0 BiTurbo

BMW 3-SERIE F30/F31/F34 M3

BMW M3 F80 3.0 BiTurbo

BMW 4-SERIE F32/F33/F36 M4

BMW M4 F82/F83 3.0 BITURBO

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