Leyo VW Golf MK6 GTI Cold Air Intake System



Volkswagen Golf 6 GTI

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Leyo VW MK6 GTI Cold Air Intake System



Ready for some fresh “ AIR “ ?


LEYO Cold Air Intake System guarantees greater air induction volume, colder intake air temperature and smoother air flow for superior power gain. LEYO Cold Air Intake System was designed with the ultimate goal of maximum power gain. Made with high grade full aluminum 3’inch diameter ensuring greater, smoother air flow with minimal restrictions and effective heat dispersion. LEYO R&D team also optioned for quality proven LEYO pod filter element for uncompromised filtration, performance and ease of maintenance. Specially designed heat shield is also included to prevent heat soak, effectively extracting colder induction air. No fabrication required for installation, bolts straight onto factory mounting points.

Volkswagen Golf 6 GTI

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