Leyo VW Golf 7 GTI / R 5th Year Anniversary Paddle Edition




Golf MK7 / 7.5 R
Golf MK7 / 7.5 GTI


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Leyo VW Golf GTI / R 5th Year Anniversary Paddle Edition



It’s been five years since we first splashed onto the VAG scene. 5 years since our first paddle shifter extension made shame to extensions that falls off due to it being stuck on with double sided tape. 5 years since the very first customer glide their fingers across the undamaged factory flippers after removing the original Leyo extension while his mate’s flippers looked like it was chewed by a dog with the damage caused by other extensions.


Since the release of the original extension, we have refreshed the design, re-engineered the fastening mechanism, made the extension transparent and even made it foldable, and now, we have made it….. smaller! Lead, not follow.


Elegant in looks and a joy to touch, rear surface has an ergonomic contour providing a delightful fingertip stimulus unmatched by the OE paddles.


This Five Year Special Anniversary Edition is limited to just 200 sets and all proceeds to be donated to charity.


Download 1:1 scale paddle shifter​​
You must print and cut out to measure against your factory paddle shifter for accurate fitment before purchase.

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