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Leyo Lowering Springs


Want to enhance driving dynamics of your Golf R? Reduce body roll during cornering? Improve ride quality? Enhance visual appeal of your ride? The solution to all of these is our dynamic lowering springs for the VW MK7 / MK7.5 Golf R.


Leyo Motorsport lowering springs lowers the car on an average of 20-25mm. With the now lower center of gravity, excessive body roll is reduced during cornering. The ugly gap between the tire and wheel arch has also been reduced giving your car a meaner stance than before.


As with every Leyo Motorsport product, these lowering springs has been tested in real world condition and on the race track before releasing it to the market ensuring that you receive the best product there is on the market.


  • Reduce body roll

  • Improve ride quality

  • Enhance driving dynamic

  • Lowers the car 20-25mm

Volkswagen Golf 7 R