Leyo F56 Mini Cooper 2.0 Cold Air Intake System



For Cooper S and JCW 2.0L B48 petrol engine

Clubman Cooper S / JCW F54 2.0 L B48

Mini Hatch Cooper S / JCW F55/F56 2.0 L B48

Convertible Cooper S / JCW F57 2.0 L B48


*This kit is for vehicles with the oval shaped MAF sensor. Does not fit LCI version. Please check your factory air box to see which air flow sensor you have.

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Leyo F56 Mini Cooper 2.0 Cold Air Intake System


More air, more power. Leyo Motorsport designed this intake for the 2.0l petrol engine F56 Mini Cooper S and JCW with maximum air flow in mind. Higher flow filter now replaces the restricted OEM filter and high grade aluminum heat shield effectively blocks out excess heat from the engine bay while is also significantly lighter than the steel heat shields found on the market.


Installation is simple and straight forward with no modification needed. Other than the 2.0l petrol F56, it can also be installed in F54, F55 and F57 generation of the Mini family that has the same 2.0l petrol engine. Please make sure to check the design of the MAF sensor found on your car as there is a pre 2018 and 2018+ version, this intake fits the pre 2018 version.

Mini Cooper S F55/F56/F57 JCW

Mini Cooper S F55/F56/F57 2.0T B48