KW Performance Intercooler Set Evo2 1000 – 1400PS Audi RS6 C6 5.0 V10



Audi RS6 C6 – 04-11 5.0 TFSI – 580
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KW Performance Intercooler Set Evo2 1000 – 1400PS Audi RS6 C6 5.0 V10



The KW Performance Parts high-performance charge air cooler have the net dimensions: 280 mm x 225 mm x 90 mm + 280 mm x 190 mm x 55 mm as a step net we used our EVO1 cooler for this purpose up to 1000hp and left out the water cooler behind it and used this area as a additional charge air cooling surface used so that up to 1400PS can now be driven with EVO2 without any problems.


The series water coolers are not simply left out, they sit as a front package under the bumper support. Quality mesh cores were used for less back pressure and better cooling performance. The OEM network was analyzed and improved as the basis for the KW Performance Parts high-performance networks. The coolers are efficiency optimized compared to the OEM coolers. The intake air temperature has been reduced by 42°C compared to the standard cooler. 


Scope of delivery: 

  • 2 pcs intercooler right / left
  • 4 pcs molded silicone
  • hoses 1 pc water hose
  • 2 pcs.

Additional water cooler for middle mount carrier (replaces the cooler behind the intercoolers)

Audi RS6 C6 5.0 V10 TFSI


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