IE Turbo Inlet Pipe Audi RS3 8V / Audi TTRS 8S



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  • Audi – RS3 2017+ (MK3 – 8V) 2.5T
  • Audi – TTRS 2016+ (MK3 – 8S) 2.5T
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IE Turbo Inlet Pipe Audi RS3 8V / Audi TTRS 8S


Your 5 cylinder 2.5L Audi RS3 or TTRS engine is capable of incredible power gains exceeding far beyond 500HP on a stock turbo with basic bolt-ons and software tunes. As the power levels begin to rise, factory flow issues become immediately apparent and restrict horsepower such as the factory stock air box and turbo inlet elbow. Adding your IE Cast Turbo Inlet Pipe upgrade removes the factory inlet’s flow restriction and allows your turbo to breathe freely and make more power!


During our 2.5T RS3 & TTRS product development, IE engineers paid serious attention to the factory inlet and charge piping systems during serious track, road, and dyno testing on higher output Stage 2 power levels. While perfectly fine for stock power numbers, the stock equipped turbo inlet pipe was immediately identified to be restricting flow and reducing power output on Stage 2 equipped Audi 2.5TFSI engines.


We know you are as power hungry as we are and that stock restrictive inlet pipe, well, it just won’t do! Our engineers set out to completely re-design this pipe with performance first. 3D scans were taken of the engine bay and stock inlet pipe to identify the space available to work in. This allows us to maximize the flow characteristics of the design without running into any clearance issues or rubbing expensive factory hoses or lines. The factory inlet also incorporated an emissions breather tube into the design of the pipe that interrupted airflow to the turbo. By choosing to design our own cast pipe, our engineers were able to design a much larger performance version with unique shapes and bends that aided in airflow resulting in a massive 28.27% increase in flow over stock!


Installing an IE Turbo Inlet Pipe Upgrade onto your Stage 2 tuned 2017+ Turbo 5 cylinder engine will result in an immediate power and torque gain helping you get the absolute most out of your turbocharger making it that much more fun on the street or give you the competitive edge on the track.


Audi TTRS 8S 2.5 TFSI

Audi RS3 8V / 8.5V 2.5 TFSI

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