GFB Respons Blow Off Valve – manual adjustable // Hyundai i30N



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Hyundai I30 PD – 17-… N – 250 / 275
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GFB Respons Blow Off Valve – manual adjustable // Hyundai i30N | Go Fast Bits



GFB Upgrade fast response adjustable Blow Off Valve


Continuously adjustable valve – manually adjustable by turning. In this way, the amount of air to be blown outwards can be infinitely adjusted (from 100% open to 100% recirculating). On the one hand, the volume of hissing can be regulated, on the other hand, in vehicles where there are problems with the engine control when too much air is released into the atmosphere, exactly the right setting can be found so that no problems occur.


The GFB Respons has a brass piston. The spring hardness can easily be adjusted according to the driven boost pressure by means of an adjusting screw, so that the opening time of the valve can be optimally set during load changes. In this way, the response of the vehicle can be noticeably improved!

Hyundai i30 N

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