FMIC.PRO Wheel Spacers 20MM for Nissan S14 / 350Z / 370Z



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Brand Model Type Version
Nissan 200sx S14 – 94-00 2.0T – 200
Nissan 350Z Z33 – 03-09 3.5 – 280 / 300
Nissan 350Z Z33 – 03-09 3.5 – 313
Nissan 370Z Z34 – 09-19 3.7 – 332 / 350
Nissan GTR R35 – 08-… 3.8T – 485 / 530 / 550 / 570 / 600
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FMIC.PRO Wheel Spacers 20MM for Nissan S14 / 350Z / 370Z


FMIC.PRO wheel spacers features

– Made from lightweight and high-strength aluminium alloys, making them lighter and stronger than steel equivalents

– Each spacer is anodized, which makes them look much better and makes them more resistant to weather conditions

– Perfectly machined to ensure no balancing problems and the best durability

– Improves the look and the handling of your car by increasing the width of the track


FMIC.PRO wheel spacers are designed to improve the appearance and performance of cars. Spacers greatly improve the stability of the car, reducing body tilt and improving handling, making fast cornering much more enjoyable and easier.


The use of spacers gives the car a sporty look, as the wheels fill the wheel arches more tightly, and in combination with, for example, lowered suspension they form a perfect duet.

The FMIC.PRO spacers are available in different sizes from 5 to 45mm, so everyone can find the right width to suit their own taste and body volume.


System D

– A set of FMIC.PRO System D wheel spacers includes two spacers

– Wheel spacers fixed to the hub

– Fitted with a centering flange

– Supplied with nuts to fix the spacer to the hub, the wheel is attached to the spacer using standard nuts


Fitting method:

– wheel fastened to the spacer using original (or replacement) nuts

– the spacer is secured to the hub with special nuts

Type: screwed on with centring flange


Bolt spacing: 5×114,3 / Centering hole: 66mm / Thread size: M12x1,25 / Expansion (per side) :20mm

Nissan GT-R R35 3.8 Twin-Turbo

Nissan 370Z Z34 3.7