Downpipe 3″ Seat Ibiza 6K2 VAG 1.8T 20VT 2WD



Seat Ibiza 6K2 1.8 Turbo

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Downpipe Seat Ibiza 6K2 1.8T 20VT 2WD


  • Manufacture of handmade downpipe in 304L stainless steel in 3″ diameter.
  • 100% plug & play product and tested on a power bank to see its results.
  • Welding with TIG pulsed arc of orbital machine.
  • The downpipe is the necessary element when it comes to boosting your vehicle, it reduces temperatures around 200/300ºC.
  • Valid for 2wd vehicles

Seat Ibiza 6K2 1.8 Turbo