Dorch Stage 2 HPFP Upgrade BMW 140i / 240i / 340i / 440i / 550i



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Kit Fitment:

F20/21 – 140i, 140xi
F22/23 – 240i, 240xi
F30/31/34 – 340i, 340xi
F32/33/36 – 440i, 440xi

G30/31 – 540i, 540xi *
G32 – 640i, 640xi *
G11/12 – 740i, 740xi *

G01 – X3 m40i *
G02 – X4 m40i *

* ONLY UP TO 2019 Model Year
KIT NOT COMPATIBLE with 2020+ B58 Vehicles

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Dorch Stage 2 HPFP Upgrade BMW 140i / 240i / 340i / 440i / 540i B58



After months of R&D we have finally released the world’s first B58 HPFP upgrade! Our Stage 2 kit is a bigger, better version of our Stage 1 kit for some of the more extreme applications. This is a complete plug-and-play kit to support up to 700whp and also allow for full E85 up to 550whp (these numbers can vary quite a bit depending on tuning strategy, fuel type, etc.). There’s no cutting, no bending, no crimping, etc. This kit drops right in with full control from the DME, just like the OEM pump. All of the safety and sophistication of the stock DME remain in place.


B58 HPFP Flow Capacities:


The table below serves as a reference for maximum fuel flow in cubic centimeters per camshaft revolution for various B58 fuel pump options. These calculations are based on the B58 cam lobe. Each engine will have varying fuel flow capacities depending on the lift and number of lobes on the camshaft.


Pump Model Fuel Flow (cc/rev)
HDP5 Evo (Stock B58) .954
HDP6 (Stock B58TU) 1.178
Dorch Engineering Stage 1 1.299
Dorch Engineering Stage 2 1.558


Software changes are required to run this pump. If using Bootmod3MHD, or MG Flasher, simply check the box for our pump upgrade when flashing. Otherwise, please send your .BIN file to tuning@dorchengineering.com for the appropriate software changes. This change is free of charge for all of our customers.

Kit Contents:

  • HPFP w/ Hardware
  • High Pressure Line
  • Quick Connect Low Pressure Line
  • Low Pressure Line Bracket
  • Plug-n-Play Adapter Harness

BMW 1-SERIE F20/F21 140I

BMW 2-SERIE F22/F23 240I

BMW 2-SERIE F87 240I

BMW 3-SERIE F30/F31/F34 340I

BMW 3-SERIE F80 340I

BMW 4-SERIE F32/F33/F36 440I
BMW 4-SERIE F80/F83 440I

BMW 5-SERIE G30/G31 540I

BMW 6-SERIE G32 640I

BMW 7-SERIE G11/G12 740I

BMW X3 G01 M40i
BMW X4 G02 M40i