Black Market Parts Port Injection BMW M2,M3,M4 F80 S55



  • Bmw M2 Competition 2019 to 2020
  • Bmw M3 2015 to 2018
  • Bmw M4 2015 to 2020
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Black Market Parts Port Injection BMW M2,M3,M4 F80 S55


The Black Market Parts Multi-port Injection (MPI) kit with flex fuel capability is a necessity to safely and sufficiently support the power levels of upgraded turbos. This kit is capable of providing supplemental fueling to all BMW’s equipped with S55 engine.


The complete kit integrates seamlessly into your car like it left from the factory with it installed; you can’t even see the kit once the car is assembled! This kit includes everything needed to add multi-port injection and is 100% e85 compliant. We include new genuine Bosch Motorsport injectors which are flow matched both static and dynamic by an outside lab to industry leading requirements. A Detailed certificate of conformance and genuine Bosch product certificate is included with each kit giving you all flow data needed for optimal tuning.


Don’t be tricked into thinking all port injection kits are equal, the BMP kit is the industry leader. The kit features 750cc* or 950cc* injectors standard (this flow rate is based on industry injector flow test pressure of 43.5psi) at 72psi the 750cc injectors flow 1000cc. What this means is our kit is capable of supporting builds from 400whp up to 1,000whp out of the box and if you need even more, we offer the even larger flow rate 950cc!


Simply pick up this kit and pair it with your favorite injector controller!  We have several to choose from:


AIC-1 – The basic injector controller used for years.  This controller is easy to tune, and utilizes batch firing (all injectors fire at the same time).

ReFlex Lite – Simple controller that is similar to the AIC in price, but gives you Seqential fire of your injectors.  This improves fuel trims, fuel pressures are more stable, and each injector will output more fuel each time it fires.

ReFlex Plus – Advanced controller featuring CanBus integration, ability to add an ethanol sensor and integrate a true flex fuel tune, ability to add a fuel pressure sensor, and additional capabilites.


(Use of supplemental pump controller is required)


*Actual flow rate may vary, as advertised flow rate is common average.


BMW M2 F87 3.0 BiTurbo

BMW 3-SERIE F30/F31/F34 M3

BMW M3 F80 3.0 BiTurbo

BMW 4-SERIE F32/F33/F36 M4

BMW M4 F82/F83 3.0 BITURBO