Audi 8V.1/8V.2 RS3 Leyo Throttle Pipe(2 Meth Bung)




RS3 8V

RS3 8V.2

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Leyo Audi 8V.1/8V.2 RS3 Throttle Pipe(2 Meth Bung)


Leyo Motorsport’s new RS3 8V aluminum Throttle Pipe replaces the plastic OE pipe in between the throttle body and intercooler.


For those RS3 owners that is tuning your car to the max, Leyo Motorsport Throttle Pipe for the 8V RS3 provides you with not one, but two water methanol bung. Bent aluminum piping provides smoother air flow for greater efficiency.


Simple bolt on part with no modification necessary to the vehicle.


  • 2x WMI bung.

  • Bent aluminum piping with black powder coating.

  • Direct bolt on, no modification necessary

Audi RS3 8V / 8.5V 2.5 TFSI