APR Intercooler system Audi A4 A5 B9 1.8/2.0 TFSI IC100022



Audi A4, A5 B9 1.8/2.0 TFSI

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APR Intercooler system Audi A4 A5 B9 1.8/2.0 TFSI IC100022



The APR intercooler system is a plug and play product that drastically reduces intake temperature, minimizing heat gain and therefore providing higher performance.


The system has been developed and tested for outputs of up to 500+ hp.


In 2006, APR pushed ahead with the plug and play system for the intercoolers. Unfortunately, to the untrained eye, many intercooler designs are the same. However, the effectiveness of the system and overall performance are strongly determined by several key criteria.


The alloy selection, the end tank construction, the design, the fin type, the fin density and many other points must be analyzed and coordinated accordingly in order to be the master of its class.


While the goal of the factory-installed intercooler is to create a lightweight, easy-to-manufacture and, above all, cost-effective production, the APR intercooler must be able to process more than twice the engine power compared to the series. Achieving this goal resulted in different approaches that focused on the core or mesh selection of the charge air cooler.


Effectively – tested for effectiveness at over 500 hp

More power – 20+ hp more power than the OEM system

Up to 78% more volume

OEM Air Ducts – Uses factory-assigned air ducts for airflow through the core of the system

Plug and play system – no adjustment required, even for vehicles with ACC

Highly effective bar and plate design – with staggered fins for lower pressure drop despite increased cooling rate

Cast end tanks – organically shaped for minimal turbulence and maximum flow rate

Designed using the latest laser technology

Audi A4 B9 2.0 TFSI


Audi A5 B9 2.0 TFSI

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