Airtec Intercooler Upgrade Opel Corsa D 1.4 Turbo



Opel Corsa D 1.4 Turbo

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Airtec Intercooler Upgrade Opel Corsa D 1.4 Turbo


Great upgrade for all Corsa D’s with remapped ECU software. Works well on standard cars too!


Removes restrictive OE Vauxall Intercooler, which suffers from heat soak on tuned cars.


AIRTEC Front mount intercooler kit includes these parts & features

  • 1 x Huge 80mm core Intercooler with flowed cast end tanks, this means less welding and a stronger Intercooler ‘same a VXR design’
  • High quality 4/5ply silicone hoses with alloy joiners & stainless Jubilee clips
  • Powder coated standard intercooler support brackets
  • Retains original fog lights without any modification
  • Very minor trimming to back of bumper
  • Fitting Instructions and all required fixings
  • Un-Beatable value for money
  • Proven Power Increase’s for Fast Road & Track
  • Available in Satin Black
  • Airtec 3 year unlimited mileage warranty
  • Fitting will take 2-3 hours depending on mechanical skill

Opel Corsa D 1.4 Turbo

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