Airtec Front Mount Intercooler Upgrade BMW M135i (F40)



BMW M135i (F40)

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Airtec Front Mount Intercooler Upgrade BMW M135i (F40)


Bolt on BHP, by lowering the charge air temperatures, a remapped car has increased power by ECU changes that raise boost pressure and other parameters, this increase in boost pressure raise intake temps and power loss soon follows, by fitting an up-rated intercooler you lower these intake temps, in turn increasing bhp and making your engine safer.



  • Race-spec bar and plate core for super-fast recovery times
  • Super flow end tanks – thin wall cast aluminium end tanks with no sharp corners that can slow air speed
  • Bolt on design with no extra modding required
  • AIRTEC’s 3 year unlimited mileage warranty
  • CNC aluminium pipe connections


Approximate dimensions:

Thickness 140mm wide stepped core
Height 230mm (the 140mm thick core section is 180mm high)
Width 810mm


Available in Pro-Series black for the ultimate stealth look.

BMW 1-Serie F40 135i

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